December 17, 2017
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GeoMax2 HTV Series Two-Stage System

The GeoMax2 HTV Series two-stage, vertical-upflow models are among the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today, with EERs as high as 29.1 and COPS as high as 4.8.

The two-stage design allows the unit to run at 67% capacity most the time to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. When there's a demand for greater heating/cooling (such as during temperature extremes), the unit automatically and instantly changes to 100% capacity. This part-load/full-load capacity significantly lowers annual operating costs while increasing comfort.

In addition to the full load/part load operation, a variable speed blower motor adds to comfort and efficiency with a multitude of operational modes. The blower motor automatically adapts to all applications.

The GeoMax2 system uses environmentally friendly R-410A.


  • Quiet Operation: Double isolation mounting for compressor and vibration isolation springs combined with insulated compressor and air handler compartments dampen sound.

  • Variable Speed Blower Motor: Automatically adapts to all applications; provides a multitude of operational modes that maximize comfort and efficiency.

  • Two Stage Compressor: Copeland multi-stage scroll compressor provides steady comfort at higher efficiencies than single stage models.

  • Microprocessor Controls: Includes performance monitoring system to signal a potential problem before a lockout can occur.

  • Easy Installation/Service: Back-seating service valves included; panels on three sides are easily removed for access to components.

  • Standard Features: Comes with domestic hot water generator with built-in pump and CuNi coil to add value and extra efficiency.

  • Extended Operating Range: 20° - 120°F range makes units suitable for virtually all applications and climates.

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