December 17, 2017
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Success Story: Tottenham, ON

October 9, 2008


Hello Dave, Bryan and the Geo-Solar Team!

After months of serious thought, research and analysis we made the decision to go "green" using your company Geo-Solar Systems to do the project.

Indeed, from day one with salesperson Wayne VanSicle to every person who worked on site, the actual installation on October 1, 2008 was a pleasant and real professional experience.

All facets of this large job installing the system with 4-ton ClimateMaster unit and 2400 feet of piping in one day went very well, on time, in the most professional, cordial and efficient manner.

At the end of the day and since, we are enjoying the full benefits of this system! It works almost imperceptibly quiet and provides full comfort to our home.

We have no regrets and doubt in our minds in selecting Geo-Solar Systems for our home and look forward to many years of comfort, coupled with the knowledge that we have done our part for the environment and planet Earth.

We will always recommend your company to anyone, anytime!

THANK YOU ever so much!

Very best regards,


Tibor and Clare Lukacs
4907 5th Line, RR #3
Tottenham (Penville)
Ontario, L0G 1W0
905 939-7371

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